Essex Destinations to Visit and Explore

Essex is the land of endless green, scenic views, and quiet villages and towns that hold a great history on their shoulders. Parish sets, winding streets lined with wood-framed buildings, olde worlde towns, early British and Roman settlements, unspoiled riverside towns, mellow plaster cottages steeped in history, traditional market towns, as well as bustling town centres offering first-class shopping are some of the things you will come across while exploring the beauties of the land of Saxons.

Visit and Explore Maldon on the Blackwater Estuary

Maldon is a town in Essex nicely located on the Blackwater estuary, as well as the seat of the Maldon district, and twinned with the Dutch town of Cuijk. It is a town known as the modern-day centre for Thames sailing barges, the 19th century commercial sailing boat that is very common on the River Thames, whose barges have been perfectly adapted to the narrow rivers and shallow waters of the Thames Estuary.


One of the greatest annual events taking place in Maldon is the Taxi Day, where London Black Cabs drive physically and mentally disabled children from London to the town to have a fun day, full of exciting activities and a delicious meal! It is an event that dates back to 1952 and has turned into a tradition ever since.

If you happen to be in the town around Easter time, you will witness another spectacular charitable event, the Maldon Mud Race, where those competing race along the bank of the Blackwater estuary and back through the water, at low tide!

Notable People

The so-called Fat Man of Maldon, Edward Bright, a 275kg stone weight grocer that was reputed to be the fattest man in the UK was from Maldon. It is said that his coat was large enough to fit 7 men! You can find his chair in the Moot Hall.

Maldon is also the hometown of the prolific 20th -century church musician, organist, and composer, John Cook.

As for, John Kemp, he was the man that put Maldon on the map and established it as a sailing barge port in England.

Finally, John Strutt, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1904, was born in Langford Grove, Maldon.

Places to Visit & Things to Do

Maldon is a fantastic place to enjoy saltwater bathing and a favourite yachting venue. The charming towns and villages in the district also enchant with their individuality and original character, despite the fact that they are a breath away from centres of population. There are numerous opportunities for cycling and walking, as well as observation of the countryside and the natural world, among so many others, with footpaths and nature reserves all around the district, offering access to wildlife habitats and unsurpassed natural beauty. One of the most significant habitats for wildlife in the country with global importance for its archaeology, plants, and rich harvest of shellfish and fish is the 20km Blackwater Estuary, ranging from Maldon to Mersea Island, which consists of salt marsh, mud flats, and open water; a superb location for commercial shipping and sailing.

A list of the must-visit attractions cannot leave out the 3-acre Beeleigh Abbey Gardens with its peaceful and lush gardens placed in a beautiful, rural setting, Promenade Park, the 100-year-old award-winning, Edwardian park with the spectacular river views, lovely ornamental lake, walks, picnic areas, and a large kid's water Splash Park, among others, Maldon District Museum, the social history museum located on the edge of the Promenade Park, and Maeldune Heritage Centre, the fine art gallery that houses the acclaimed 42-foot long embroidery that depicts historic personalities and scenes in amazing detail and colour.

For more information about Maldon Harbour, you can download a detailed leaflet here.

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