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Perrywood Garden Centre Reduces CO² Emissions

As part of its sustainability drive, Perrywood Tiptree have worked with CambridgeHOK to install three brand new Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs). These will save an estimated 79 tonnes of CO² emissions a year, which is the equivalent to the average yearly emissions of ten people in the UK.

Perrywood is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and becoming as carbon neutral as possible in the future. Tristan Bourne, Operations Director, commented: “Investing in Air Source Heat Pumps will immediately reduce our carbon emissions. We are committed to playing our part in the global fight against climate change, and this was the most effective immediate step we could take.”

Recently, three high power ASHPs were installed on site. These will be up and running shortly and will produce enough heat for the underfloor heating in the main shop, the Coffee Shop & Restaurant and the Garden Shop.

The ASHPs will run off mains electricity, converting every unit of electricity into 3 units of heating, a much more energy-efficient solution than the old oil-fired boiler system. They should not only generate fuel savings, but will offer the same CO2 savings as planting over 1300 trees*.

Perrywood takes their responsibility towards caring for the environment very seriously. There are many issues to consider and not all can be tackled at once. They are always prepared to take on the challenge to improve wherever possible.

For example, sustainable alternatives have been sourced to replace non-recyclable black plastic plant pots and trays. Now all new pots and trays used to grow Perrywood Grown plants in the nursery are made from recycled polypropylene and designed to be kerbside recyclable where possible. In addition, they are reducing the amount of peat used in the nursery.

Recognising that it is extremely detrimental to the environment to continue using growing media containing peat, for the 3rd year running Perrywood has increased their range of peat free compost. All peat-free products are clearly marked to help customers find them easily, and later in the season the shop floor team will be doing more to encourage customers to make the switch.

More details on what Perrywood are doing for sustainability and the environment can be found on their website:

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